It may seem irrelevant to a lot of people why Modi ji have requested everyone to stay at home on 22nd of march 2020.
People are so busy in daily chores of life, as they say they dont have time to die !
Sooner or later everyone in India will face the actual burnt of the pandemic Corona.
It seems just a piece of news when we hear the magnitude of crises in Italy, where 600 to 700 people are dying daily.
we forget that Italy is highly developed country, with a population very small as compared to India,if they can have that fate what about us.
India is a developing country who dont even understand what is a pandemic, most of the rural population have no idea what is waiting for them.
There are no hospital beds for them and there are no health facilities for them, we were already reeling with hospital bed shortage, and this corona crises have worsened the preparedness of our health infrastructure.
If such a small country like Italy can have mortality of 4000 and above, God knows what will be our mortality figures once it starts here.
Danger is real.

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