Things you should know if you are pregnant

pregnancy care is something you should know and study hard if you are pregnant.

If you are pregnant and you are highly ecstatic,

feeling elated and joyous,

you should start your ante-natal treatment with your gynaecologist as early as possible.

now a days complication rates are quite high,

to give birth a healthy baby proper followup and treatment is required.

If you are working professional then you should keep in mind the importance of proper diet and nutrition.

taking sufficient quantities of water,

milk being the ideal food should be consumed in sufficient quantities daily.

Fasting should be avoided especially if pregnancy is nearing term.

any mild illness like fever or cold should be dealt with promptly.

sitting and getting up from floor should be avoided because it exerts pressure in abdomen.

even if you are not diabetic ,control your carbohydrate intake,

chances of gestational diabetes are very high especially in over weight persons.

anxiety and stress should be avoided as much as you can.

walking is ok but jogging or running should be avoided

cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy is definite no.

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