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Normal Delivery or Cesarean, What is Good for you ?

Do you know Normal Delivery is a natural process

You may find it awkward but The fact is true.

Now a days Normal Delivery have become a very complicated procedure.

In general, Patients desire The best Gynecologist should handle their case.


Because Safety of mother and baby is their prime concern.

Due to availability of Cesarean Facility at almost every small Nursing Home,

Normal Delivery have become even more distant Reality to many.

If everything goes well a patient can get back to her routine within few days,

In case of both Normal Delivery or Cesarean operation Delivery as well.

There is need to understand that Birthing is a Natural process and role of gynecologist and Nurses is to assist only.

For Best outcome, it is always best to Rely on Nature.

Leave it on Nature itself.

And Normal Delivery should be Safe for both Mother and Baby.

So where is the contradiction?

Nature do not Favor everyone to survive.

Nature wants only the Fittest to survive.

To improve the Natural expectation of Nature is the job of Doctors.

There are pregnancy complications like oligohydramnios.

Where Amniotic Fluid around the baby is reduced or Nil.

Natural outcome of such patients is not very favorable.

Here comes the role of Gynecologists, who do some intervention, which is usually cesarean,

It was just a simple situation, where Doctors alter the Nature`s process of Natural Selection.

Examples are many where we see the the cruel face of Nature`s selection process.

List of Pregnancy complications is Endless

like Gestational Diabetes, Hypertension, Eclampsia, Placenta Previa, Breech or Transverse presentation.

Availability of Cesarean section (LSCS) is the main reasons for improvement in infant mortality rate in recent years.

Just sit back and relax, and hope for the best.

And always remember at SANKHWAR HOSPITAL you are in safe hands.

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