Lockdown is something everyone of us have seen and experienced for the first time in our life.

I believe everyone is suffering one way or other due to this sudden un-planned lock down in our country.

long term Economic effects of lock down in our country would be devastating.

Matter of concern are not the Middle class, they are managing well within the Lockdown all essential supplies like milk, vegetables groceries etc.

It is the lower classes, like house maids, daily wage earners, construction workers, factory workers who have bore the burnt of Lock down.

This particular section of society were hit the hardest.

Governments are trying to help everyone in fighting this temporary shutdown.

There is panic all around.

What can we do?

The best we can do is to identify the real enemy.

Covid-19 is the real enemy all other sufferings are situational only.

All our thinking and planning should revolve around Covid-19

All governments all over the world are facing dilemma to choose between saving Economy or Saving citizens.

We should not forget that in-spite of lockdown there is an army of essential service sector personnel who is still working for your safety.

They include Doctors, Nurses, para-medical support staff, house-keeping staff, law enforcing agencies like police and allied forces list is exhaustive and there are many more who are still working for our safety.

In addition to tackling the Covid Virus itself, Governments are finding hard to enforce the Lockdown properly.

There is need to spread the Good Words at this gloomy time.

Everyone should practice social distancing.

Everyone should take extra precautions to follow as well as preach importance of Hand washing to friends and family.

Avoid contact to outside of your home potential infective surfaces like stairs hand railing, door bells, door handles etc.

If possible keep grocery stock in quarantine for 3 days after purchasing.

All these small measure will make big difference down the lane.

It is now or never.

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