Knowledge is your sword to fight Corona

Corona demon have already killed more than 16000 innocent people worldwide.

Even this figure will rise.

No one knows, when will it end.

All countries are making efforts to contain it.

Indian government declared 21 day lock down to fight corona virus.

so far there have been 9 deaths in India.

only 512 active Covid-19 cases are tested positive.

Situation seems to be under control.

Next few days more and we will free from the mess.

Not really,

It is very important to follow strictly all the guidelines issued by WHO and MOHFW.

Washing hands frequently.

Not touching eyes, nose while outside.

Staying at home.

Avoid all public gatherings

Avoid public transport like buses, metro etc

Even if you go outside dont touch hand railings, walls ,poles etc.

in addition to that if someone from your family is infected, make sure that it does not spread to other members

for more information please see corona update

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