fight corona

how to fight Corona

The war have already begun and battleground is your home.
Our government have declared 21 days lock down to fight the situation, but you are the real hero.
It all start from us,
All these simple things are not very difficult to follow, all we need is a sense of responsibility.
-washing hands at regular intervals.
-not touching face and eyes often.
-staying away from crowded places.
-using elbow while coughing or sneezing.
-maintaining physical distancing.
-having a desire to help us and eventually help the nation.
-inculcating burning desire to stay healthy.
-developing an understanding that there are things possible scary enough which no one have yet imagined.

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-believe that Italy was not a fool.
-teach others around you to follow all the healthy etiquette.
-understand that the pandemic will not kill everyone of us that is for sure but certainly it may kill any one of ours near and dear ones.
Older generations and those having other associated illnesses are the group who have to be protected at any cost.

If everything turns out as planned then things would be remarkably favorable.

Indian government have launched special corona helplines. if you have any symptoms like cough, fever, breathlessness etc. you can call on these helplines

lets hope for the best.

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