How to be safe from corona?

Government has already ordered lock-down of 21 days it was necessary to halt person to person spread of corona virus .
As you can see the situation have become out of control due to widespread panic migration of daily wages laborers.
All these things were not part of original idea of lock down .
this was the situation at anand vihar bus terminal
Now,as we can see in the above photograph, the concept of social distancing is totally ignored by the crowd.
Within next few days perhaps , we will come across much more corona virus cases than what our country’s health infrastructure can support.
All we need to understand that we are in great trouble considering the fact that Italy had a population of just 15 million and there health facilities were rated 2nd in the world still it was devastated by the damage caused by the corona virus .
On the other hand ,Indian health management scenario doesn’t compare even within the top 100 countries in the world.
All of us can still make a contribution to stop the catastrophe.
Take care of your workers, take care of your poor neighbors. take care of everyone you can.
develop a sense of security and well being.
All this while do not forget the basic concept of social distancing and safeguarding yourself and your family.
Maintain your self confidence and try to follow all the principles of personal hygiene and self protection.
Even if some time all this lockdown sounds like hoax.
no matter what people say be safe.
follow strict lock-down for next few days, because we have seen the example of Italy, and that is no kidding.

How ?, by this time you have heard all that stuff again and again, nothing new.

wash hands regularly, stay inside your house, no milk, no cigarette, no fresh air nothing, strict means strict lock down.
At the end if all is well than you will never repent.
whatever is the future, think for the worst but plan for the best.

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