Side effects of fighting The Pandemic

Most of us have felt the tremors of Pandemic for the very first time.
We are in the midst of Corona pandemic.
On one hand we come across the horrible tales of catastrophe caused by Corona virus in Italy.
where death toll exceeded 10000 and still counting.
On the other hand there is good news of Taming the virus in china.
China lifted the partial ban , people are allowed only to enter the city of wuhan but not allowed to leave the city.
Apart of China no other country have shown positive signs.
In India things are just at the same level.
A sense of phobia is seen among public from the Corona infection .
Most of the labors and daily wage workers are displaced and disappointed.
Economy have got a major setback.
Shares prices also dropped considerably, SENSEX plunged to 25000.
Mean while Indian governments are trying to enforce the Lock down to get rid of the Corona Demon early.
Along with Doctors and paramedical staff, police and other law enforcing agencies have become exposed to Corona infection, mainly due to unruly behavior of few stubborn.
Next few days are very crucial for effectively tackling the pandemic.
Just praying to almighty to give us strength.

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