cesarian operation explained


Cesarean Delivery or C-Section

I know so many mothers have to undergo cesarean to give birth to their loved ones.

You find it difficult to ask everything from your doctor, as a result so many queries remains unanswered,

Keeping all this in my mind I want to explain all of your queries here so that things become clear for all of you.

I will cover following details, if something is amiss, please help me by writing in comment section so that I add it further.

2. Discharge from Hospital.

3.Medicines after Discharge.

4. Dressings of Cesarean Wound.

5. Diet after c section

6. Pain in Abdomen.

7. Baby Feeding.

8. Managing Weight after Cesarean.

9. recovery after c section.

10. planning next pregnancy

1.Hospital Stay.

As on today Cesarean operation is very safe surgery.

Most of the patients recover well after Cesarean operation.

Few patients do experience some kind of pain or any other complication.

But these are usually short lasting.

Patient can sit up and feed herself within 24 hours.

patient can get up and move around within her hospital room from 24 to 72 hours.

slim persons are more comfortable and pain free as compared to obese ones.

Just be positive, and wait for everything to turn perfect as you once planned.

2. Discharge from Hospital.

At the time of Discharge from hospital,

Usually discharged on third or fourth day from surgery.

By now you are usually moving around comfortably and doing all routine self care without any assistance.

Overweight patients find difficult to move around because of their weight but in any case they should try their level best to do basic self care on their own.

Even if you find difficult to get up and move around,

You should make enough efforts to move hands and legs at regular intervals and instead of keep on lying on bed, Try to get up and feed your baby yourself.

Relatives and family members try to give you as much rest as possible, out of love and affection.

But this should be discouraged, you should be moving around and taking care of your baby as much is permitted by your physical and mental comfort.

It is always beneficial to move around and feel normal instead of keep lying on bed.

3.Medicines after Discharge.

All Hospitals do provide a Discharge summary at the time of Discharge.

All the medicines written in discharge summary are very much necessary for your fast recovery and well being and therefore should be taken strictly as prescribed.

If you are previously on any other medicines (like for Diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypertension, fits etc) those medicines should be continued In addition to routine discharge medicines.

If you experience any itching or discomfort, it may be due to some side effects or reaction from a medicine, in that case you should immediately stop that particular medicine and consult your doctor.

Except for antacids most of the medicine is to be taken after the meals,and regular intervals.

4. Dressings of Cesarean Wound.

Stich removal is done between 7 th and 14th day.

there is need to change wound Dressings 3-4 times in between.

Dressing protocols are seperate for every center so please ask your doctor.

See Discharge summary for instructions to find out your days and timings for dressings.

Contact your hospital immediately if you there is water or blood oozing from the dressing.

Dressing should not get wet.

Dressing should not get torn.

take good care of Dressing since healing is only half done at this stage.

5. Diet after c section

Very First advice for you is to take a lot of liquids and water.

Avoid spicy foods, just because you are taking so many medicines which may cause undue acidity.

Take a lot of proteins in your Diet because body needs it for healing.

Instead of Juice go for Fresh fruits, it increases the roughage content as well.

Try to take only moderate carbohydrates and fats.

Take regular milk so as to help sufficient breast milk production for the baby.

6. Pain in Abdomen.

Mild abdominal discomfort is common.

In addition to skin stiches, there are stiches inside our abdomen which takes around one monrh to heal.

some medicines also causes cramps in abdomen.

There can be other causes like UTI (urinary tract infection), Colitis etc not related to the surgery.

Mild pain can be relived by simple analgesics (pain killers).

7. Baby Feeding.

Mother milk is the best feed for your baby.

Baby takes feed every 1 to 2 hours.

Baby passes stools usually after every feed, for initial days.

Baby bowel habits develop by 1 month.

Try to feed baby in sitting position, with head of baby slightly up.

Exclusive Breast Feeding is recommended for 6 months.

8. Managing Weight after Cesarean.

During the course of pregnancy ,there is weight gain of 6 to 8 kilograms.

Dieting is not the correct way of reducing weights.

Light Exercise is best to reduce weight.

But avoid that for at least 6 weeks from cesarean.

Avoid Fats and sugars (carbohydrates).

Start early on controlling the weight gain then gradually aim for weight reduction as well.

9. recovery after c section.

Recovery is complete within 6 weeks.

You can do regular household as well as office works after 6 weeks.

You can start light exercise only after this time but only if everything is perfect.

Dont panic if you are obese, sooner or later everything will be fine.

10. planning next pregnancy

Proper Gap is needed for Both for the sake of upbringing and attention needed for your baby as well as your physical and mental healing.

Ideally you should avoid pregnancy for next 2 years.

However if you conceive within 6 months and you want to continue, you can.

If pregnancy is conceived before that it may cause certain health problems.

Including preterm labour.

Overall Cesarean Experience is pleasant because of value addition provided by the Newly Born Baby.

Cesarian is one of the major surgical procedure carried out on a female body.

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It have now developed into one of the safest route of Births.

Life comes to Normal eventually as you expect it to be.

Positive attitude helps a lot during overall Recovery.

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