birth registration process

Birth registration process

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Birth Register is maintained by Registrar EDMC(for east Delhi).

Sankhwar Hospital is authorized to make entries of Births taking place at our center.

Birth registration of all babies born at SANKHWAR HOSPITAL is done by us.

After Entering the Details into the EDMC server, A unique EDMC OLIR no. is generated and entry is saved in the government department`s server.

We will provide the Registration number of Birth to patients via email, whatsapp, or any other means as requested by the patients.

Hospital do not provide Printed Birth Certificate to anyone.

You can also get the printed Birth Certificate from MCD office.

We are not authorized to do any kind of correction in the Birth Certificate, Correction if any, can only be done by MCD office.

Birth Certificate will be registered with the name of Baby if desired name is given by the patient at the time of discharge from SANKHWAR HOSPITAL.

Addition or Alteration of baby Name can be done any time after that at The MCD office only.

SANKHWAR HOSPITAL will issue correction letter if required, free of charge if requested within one year only.

After one year, SANKHWAR HOSPITAL will levy MRD charges for all correction letters, alteration letters requests.

For any queries Regarding Birth Registration you can contact Mr. UMESH @ 9716766666

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Due to time constrain all birth registration Queries are resolved on non emergency basis and take 3-4 days to get resolved.

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