minal dakhave bhosle

And the award goes to Mrs. Minal Dakhave Bhosale.

Till now 33000 persons have died due to Corona, all over the world.

India have seen total 29 Deaths.

We were already facing shortage of Corona vitus testing Kits.

As a result till date India have tested around 35000 patients .

Out of the total tested ,around 1000 patients tested positive for Corona.

chart provided by ourworldindata.org

As can be seen from above chart ,India have done very few tests as a result number of confirmed cases is less in India.

Recently 15 labs have got licence from ICMR to do testing for Corona virus at a government fixed price of INR 4500.

Mylabs pune have recently got ICMR clearence to sale / use Indian developed and made Corona testing Kits.

The news have bought much relief to Indian healthcare sector.

The Kit is originally developed in India at pune labs.

Mrs. Minal dakhave bhosale was the chief Virologist at the center and Team leader for this project.

The cost of Kit is highly competitive somewhere around 800 INR.

Hopefully with in next few days ,Corona testing will Increase, which in turn help in early Identification and Isolation of Corona positive patients.

Early Identification is very much important to identify asymptomatic patients.

lets hope for the best.

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