You must be knowing that corona virus as officially called COVID-19 is spreading gradually to most parts of world and WHO have officially declared pandemic to emphasise the gravity of situation at international level.

Although many such infections made headlines in the past in various parts of world but in this case scenario is totally different.

We have seen mortality in almost all countries till date.

Its the time to limit the spread of virus by going extra mile.

closure of offices, schools, colleges cinema halls, malls, restaurants etc should be ordered by all governments.

once virus is limited and spread is curtailed things will automatically come to normal over a period of time.

most governments are acting on their own and no one wants to take precedent and be the pioneer.

if WHO comes with some guidelines then we expect some clarity in the working of governments.

as a public have limited role in preventing and limiting such pandemics and governments have all powers to execute drastic plans.

It is a war which all nations must fight the earlier they understand the better it would be for all of us.

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