10 things you should know about Corona Virus

corona virus facts
corona virus basic structure
  1. Corona virus infection The official name given to Coronavirus disease is COVID-19 which stands for CORONAVIRUS INFECTION DISEASE and 19 depicts the year this particular strain was discovered which in this case is 2019
  2. COVID-19 virus originated from Wuhan city of Hubei, China and first information was received on 31st of december 2019.
  3. Coronaviruses are a family of zoonotic virus which existed for long and were continuously propagating in animal cycles without coming in contact with humans.
  4. Currently there is no vaccine against the infection.
  5. Treatment of coronavirus infection is mainly symptomatic and most patients do not need to be admitted for treatment, however the government still stress to keep confirmed cases in any quarantine facility just to stop further spread of infection. 
  6. Mortality rate of coronavirus infection is around 3.4%.
  7. Total confirmed COVID-19 cases detected outside china is around 14000 worldwide.
  8. Total deaths attributed to covid infections is around 3000 in 78 countries mainly in China.
  9. India has confirmed 29 cases of  COVID-19 infections and treatment is under going for most of them in various quarantine facilities developed by India.
  10. Main symptoms of coronavirus infection are cough,breathlessness, fever and respiratory difficulty however in some cases if the infection progresses it may lead to pneumonia and associated secondary features like kidney failure and even death. 

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